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I Like Dead People

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I Like Dead People
League Honorary League
Section Mode Madness
Mode Shrink
Map Hotel
Character Edwina
Enemies Encountered Carrion Carcass
Clip Clamp
Daisy Dismay
Gideon Gout
Nurse Sputum
Rewards  ?: Deadwina
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st and 25 kills
Gold: 1st and 32 kills
Platinum: 1sr and 40 kills

I Like Dead People is part of the arcade Mode Madness series in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. You play as Edwina, and are against Zombies in a shrink match at the Hotel.


Edwina likes to play with dead things. Unfortunately we're not talking about spiders and flies here - she prefers animated corpses. That's right, the whole range from clammy and supturating to flaccid and putrefying.


This is easy, just get to the "main" room with the two balconies parallel from each other and stairs that lead up one of them. Use any guns basically, but the double Machine Gun x2 are really good and the Soviet Rifle is the best. Just stay in the main room and run around shooting the zombies (there will be around three at a time), and you should get a silver easily. Gold isn't too hard either, you just have to die less while in the main room.

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