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Old Blaggers

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Old Blaggers
League Elite League
Section Group Therapy
Mode Capture the Bag
Map Bunker
Character Braces
Accompanied by
John Smith
Fergal Stack
Enemies Encountered SecuriDroid XP x8
Rewards  ?: Braces
Medal Requirements Bronze: 2
Sliver: 3
Gold: 4
Platinum: 5

Old Blaggers is an arcade league challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.


This is a Capture The Bag, and you are with two people against a bunch of bots. When you have the bag, you can't shoot. You're team-mates will actually do an all right job of protecting the bag. So, first off, head towards their bag (using your radar) and try to avoid the bots, as killing them brings them back to their bag so it will be tougher to get away with it. If you can, get a Soviet Rifle. While heading back to your bag, avoid the bots. When you get there, score if you can, but if they have your bag, wait for your team-mates to secure it. If a pack of bots try to kill you, run around the corner and keep circling around so that they can't hit you and you can score when you get your bag back. Be advised, you'll need to be really quick to get the gold.

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