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Remote Mine

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Remote Mine
Ammo  ?/?
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
Reload Time  ?
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Explosive
Zoom No
Primary Fire Lays mine
Secondary Fire Explodes mine
Games All

Appearing in all the TimeSplitters games, the Remote Mine has become a mainstay in the TimeSplitters series. When thrown on a surface or certain items, it will stick to them and wait for the player to activate them via a remote control.

In earlier TimeSplitters games, the mines could be activated through the alternate fire button on the players' controller. However, in TSFP the player had to equip a switch to activate them. Some argued that requiring use of the remote control to activate mines lowered their effectiveness because it required the player to briefly become unarmed to use them, leaving them defenseless and prone to attack. A Remote Mine can also explode if it is shot by a bullet or hit by an explosion. Their design and appearance has varied throughout the TimeSplitters series.

There is a Glitch in TSFP where in Arcade Custom you can rocket the Buggy in Siberia by putting mines on the car.

They can also be used on multiplayer well, on a team game, if friendly fire is turned off, by sticking the mine to one of your buddies and making them run into enemy territory, detonating the mine and killing some of the enemies with the splash damage, as your buddy will be unharmed.

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