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Size Medium
Location Building site with sewer pipes
Climate Nighttime (TS1)
Daytime (TS2)
Unlockable TS1: "Chinese" on Normal

TS2: Beat Story Mode on Hard

Recommended Bots  ?
Recommended Weapons  ?

The Site map is a large construction site. It is found in TimeSplitters 1 and returns in TimeSplitters 2. The level contains a building under construction where players can stand on girders or break through the glass, a trailer full of pickups, and a pipe system leading to and out of the construction zone.

Site is considered by many to be one of the hardest levels to unlock in TimeSplitters 2, since it is unlocked by beating Story mode on Hard. Many people who own the game have not unlocked the level.


In TimeSplitters 1, there is a billboard advertising "Radical Pizza".

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