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Size Large
Location An urban street
Climate Night, rainy
Unlockable TS1: "Cyberden" on Normal
TS2: Story Mode on Easy
Recommended Bots  ?
Recommended Weapons  ?

Streets is set in a slightly futuristic city with various buildings and garages to enter into from the main street. The level has appeared in TimeSplitters 1 and TimeSplitters 2.


There are differences between the TS1 version and the TS2 version of this level.

  • There is a shortcut leading from the blue team base to a building facing the red team's street is TS2. This shortcut does not exist at all in TS1.
  • It is snowing in the TS2 version but not in TS1.
  • More garages are open in TS2 (4 instead of 2)
  • The music is different than in TS1, the mood of the songs changed as well. In the first, it was a heavy techno type song with a somewhat shrill beat to it, while in TS2, the song transitioned to a Trance-like melody, comrable to something heard at raves. In TS2, both songs are available in the mapmaker.


  • The words, "Linux" can be seen on a wall between the blue team's base and the only alleyway in the level, TS1 only.
  • This level has an irregular number of zones in TS2, it has 5 zones instead of the regular 4
  • A common strategy that has proved itself to be quite efective as well as incredibly surpirsing and annoying, is to stick incendiary grenades to the backs and sides of walls that mark the entrance or exit of a particular buildings. Considering the close quarters nature of the inside buildings, this would be fool-proof plot, but it is foiled by an observant player. Due to the radiating flames and/or windows in the buildings, it is possible to see flaming people running towards you.

Playable Modes

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