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TS2 Setup

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

TimeSplitters 2 can be networked. This page explains how to set up a TS2 LAN. For TS2 online, see TS2 Online Project.


By i.Link

If your PS2 has an i.Link port (a small port beside the front USB ports), you can play TS2 using i.Link. Using this method allows two PS2's to be connected directly, this method is the easiest way to network, but limits the game to two PS2s and thus a max of 8 players (by one multitap per PS2).

You will need

  • Two TV's
  • Two PS2's
  • Two copies of TimeSplitters 2
  • A Firewire IEEE 1394 cable (picture)
  • Any necissary memory cards, controllers and multitaps.


  1. Connect each PS2 up as if you were playing it normally.
  2. Plug in any additional memory cards, controllers and multitaps.
  3. Plug one end of the Firewire cable into one PS2, and the other end into the other PS2. The i.Link socket is at the front next to the two USB sockets.
  4. Start both consoles and decide which console you want to use as the host.
  5. On the Host console go to Arcade > Network and choose i.Link, then Host Game.
  6. Setup the game as if it were an Arcade Custom game.
  7. Once ready choose your characters, and a server name if applicable.
  8. On the other PS2, go to Arcade > Network and choose i.Link, the Join Game.
  9. You should either be presented with a list of players or a picture of the Host's game. In either case highlight the host's picture and press X, this will join the game.
  10. Once everyone has joined, the host can start the game.

By Ethernet

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