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Tactical 12-Gauge

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

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The Tactical 12-Gauge deals a Great amount of damage with each shot and can easily dessicate oppositions at close range with its relatively short (compared to the double-barrel shotgun) wait between shots. The double-barrel is better for maps with few robots, since there is more time to reload between battles, but on a well populated or smaller map, the Tactical 12-Gauge comes into a league of its own, being able to cut 8 players to ribbons before needing to reload. The reloading on the shotgun is fairly unique among weapons, for instead of loading a magazine of a set amount or rounds taking a set amount of time, you reload the shotgun 1 round at a time. Although it takes longer to reload the entire clip, you can fire instantly while reloading instead of having to wait (pressing the trigger stops the reload and fires a shot as long as there is at least one round in the weapon).

This weapon is not recommended for medium or long range engagements, as the buckshot is fired so the damage spreads over a wide area. Stick to close quarters for best results.

Maps such as The TSFP Siberia or TS2 streets are less then ideal for the tactical 12". Since there are large stretches of open land, there are few places where the 12" gauge can be used efficiently. Smaller, more confusing maps make tactical 12"s the dominant weapon. Maps such as the bunker or horror hotel make for not only a dominant shotgun game, but a rather scary one too. Due to the large number of twists, turns, and narrow hallways, there is an incredible chance that the next turn may be their last.

In Timesplitters 2, The tactical 12" gauge had a secondary function, in the form of 2 shells being fired in extremely rapid succession. Against players in close range, this was a guarenteed fatality, but it is inefficient against bots. Due to their irregular recoil, the second shot has a chance of missing, leaving the player open for for an extremely painful counterattack.

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