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Size Large
Location UFO Base / UFO Mothership
Climate Outdoors; Clouds in the Background
Unlockable Arcade League > Maximus > R-109 Beta
with a Bronze Medal or higher
Recommended Bots  ?
Recommended Weapons  ?

Ufopia is a large, TimeSplitters 2 map. It is some sort of base for UFOs. The level is fairly big, and features many narrow, twisted corridors.


Looks and Features

Ufopia is mostly composed of glass, metal, and UFOs. The map has an orange/yellow tint to it, although some areas are blue. The level is mostly a few large areas interconnected by a network of corridors. There are two UFO hangars, two outside areas, a control room/cockpit, a core, and several smaller areas. Half the walls in the level feature glass. Most of the areas here have roundish shapes, and the base/ship itself seems to be in a circular shape. Of course, the whole place looks very futuristic, due to the glass and metal. The UFOs also contribute to this future look.
Ufopia has some references to the TS2 level Return to Planet X. For example, at several points in Planet X you must jump through a hole to get to the next area. This is the same in Ufopia, as you have to fall through a hole to get from one hangar to the next. Additionally, in Planet X, you can access areas that overlook areas where you previously were. This is the same in Ufopia, except here you can't fall back down to the previous place. Also, the UFOs resemble those in the Ozor Mox base from TS2.

Base or Ship?

Ufopia can either be a UFO base, such as the one in Planet X, or a UFO Mothership. It is unclear exactly which one is right, but there are clues pointing to both. There is less evidence pointing to a base, but it is still possible. Due to the background outside, which is a bunch of clouds, suggest a ship, although you may be in a very tall base, or floating one. In the structure itself, there is a small room that looks like a control room. This could be a cockpit for the mothership, or a control room for a base. The last piece of evidence is a core room with a plasma pillar coming from the bottom. This seems like some kind of engine for a ship.

Mode Advice

Seeing as all Arcade Custom modes except for Capture the Bag and Assault are available, there are many possibilities. However, the best modes for this map are as follows:

  • All Deathmatch-like modes (i.e. Regeneration or Leech) - These modes are good for any map, so there's your reason.
  • Virus or Flame Tag - The many twisted corridors make it hard to anticipate an enemy.
  • Zones - The map is good for zones, just because its fun playing zones here.


  • Originally, Ufopia had a different map preview image in-game. Originally it was the sattelite, the sattelite is the one on the rim of the ship above the small bridge.
  • Ufopia is not in any Arcade League or Challenge scenario.
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